Lovers with Open Minds, Friends with Benefits

Cast of Characters

Anthony (Mad Anthony) Dupree

  • Age/Appearance: 24 yrs/ 6’ 1″, lean and athletic, spiky white blond hair and large grey eyes
  • Occupation: renaissance faire actor/blade weapons instructor
  • Relationships: Elric’s fencing partner and friend, Der and Vincent’s friend, Sasha and Jerrett’s lover

Brandon Grant

  • Age/Appearance: 26 yrs/ 6’4”, powerful but not overly bulky, short-cropped dark hair
  • Occupation: firefighter
  • Relationships: Derelict’s lover, occasional lover to Drew, Jonathan and Vincent

Cody I. H. Fitzroy

  • Age/Appearance: 26 yrs/ 5’8”, slender, graceful, auburn hair and bright blue eyes
  • Occupation: Artist
  • Relationships: Victor’s spouse, Jonathan’s ex

David Brooks

  • Age/Appearance: 23 yrs/ 6’, solid, well-proportioned, brown hair and dove gray eyes
  • Occupation: Retired Marine medic, Morgue Attendant
  • Relationships: Xavier’s lover, Katya’s sub, Vincent’s childhood friend

Derelict (Derek) Schiller

  • Age/Appearance: 23 yrs/ 6’6”, lean and long, tattoos covering both arms, pierced ears, nipple, navel and genitals, nails kept as black-lacquered claws, long black hair and sea-gray eyes
  • Occupation: Artist (automotive)
  • Relationships: Vincent’s ex (and sometimes current), lover to Drew, Ethan, Elric and once in a while Jonathan

Drew (Andrew) Brennan

  • Age/Appearance: 18 yrs/ 5’7”, delicate and lovely, pale-skinned, strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes
  • Occupation: record store clerk, pianist (though not professionally)
  • Relationships: Vincent’s sub, lover to Jonathan, Derelict and sometimes Xavier

Elric von Melnibone

  • Age/Appearance: 35 yrs/ 5’11”, lean and toned, albino with pure white hair and frost gray eyes (often covered by red contact lenses)
  • Occupation: Professional Dom
  • Relationships: Orion’s Dom and lover, Derelict’s lover and friend, Vincent’s friend

Ethan McFarland

  • Age/Appearance: 25 yrs/ 6’5”, powerfully built, dark auburn hair and amber eyes
  • Occupation: Veterinarian (resident)
  • Relationships: Keit’s best friend, lover to Derelict and Quinn

Jerrett Hawthorn

  • Age/Appearance: 29 yrs/ 6’3”, broad-shouldered and strong, dark hair and eyes
  • Occupation: Has a law degree but does not practice, independently wealthy
  • Relationships: Keit’s ex, lover to Sasha and Anthony

Jonathan Kemp

  • Age/Appearance: 26 yrs/ 5’9”, compact and solid, curly black hair and vivid green eyes, the word ‘Damien’ is carved into his back
  • Occupation: Florist (owner/manager of Kemp’s Floral Creations)
  • Relationships: Vincent’s sub, Cody’s ex, Drew’s lover and sometimes Xavier’s or Derelict’s (with Vincent’s permission)

Katya Devon

  • Age/Appearance: 26/ 5’2” waist length honey blond hair, very light blue eyes that tend to look icy, especially when she’s angry. Very petite and well proportioned with enough breast to fill her men’s large hands.
  • Occupation: Business consultant
  • Relationships: Mistress to Richard, Liam, and David. Xavier’s ex, though they still love each other dearly. Close friend and occasional lover to Vic and Cody. Vincent’s confidante

Keit Kitrell

  • Age/Appearance: 25/5’10” slender athletic build, a mix of Chinese and American, very dark brown hair and dark brown almond shaped eyes that often hold humor in them, some scaring on his back.
  • Occupation: Adult clothing store manager
  • Relationships: Elric’s occasional sub, Ethan’s best friend, no current lovers

Liam Diaz

  • Age/Appearance: 26 yrs/6’4” dark sable hair not quite dark enough to be called black, aquamarine eyes, muscular but not overly so, he has a charmingly shy smile.
  • Occupation: professional masseur
  • Relationships: Katya’s sub, David’s occasional lover, and everyone’s comforter in times of distress.

Orion Dawson

  • Age/Appearance: unable to determine/ 6’7”, heavily muscled, honey blond hair and dark brown eyes, barbed wire tattoos around both biceps
  • Occupation: ex-fighter, former occupation unknown
  • Relationships: Elric’s sub and lover, Drew’s friend

Quinn Delgado

  • Age/Appearance: 18 yrs/ 5’10”, slender, black hair and milky blue, sightless eyes, navigates the city with the help of Cricket, his golden retriever guide
  • Occupation: working on it
  • Relationships: David and Xavier’s foundling, Ethan’s lover

Sasha Levitsky

  • Age/Appearance: 23 yrs/ 5′ 9″, lithe and athletic, copper red hair, shoulder length, blue eyes
  • Occupation: greeter/personal assistant
  • Relationships: Elric’s employee and occasional sub, Jerrett and Anthony’s lover

Sebastian Brooks

  • Age/Appearance: 16 yrs, 5’10”, stocky, dirty blond hair and gray eyes
  • Occupation: student
  • Relationships: David’s younger brother, Vincent’s friend

Richard Houston

  • Age/Appearance: 29 yrs /6’2” dark brown hair with red and copper high lights, light brown eyes, heavy muscular build
  • Occupation: Professional fighter, judo instructor
  • Relationships: Katya’s sub, Victor and Cody’s friend and sometimes lover

Victor Laszlo Szoldos,

  • Age/Appearance: 30 yrs/ 6’6”, built like a bull moose, wavy, ebony hair and dark eyes
  • Occupation: Owner/Site Manager of residential contracting company
  • Relationships: Cody’s spouse, sometimes lover to Xavier and David, Vincent’s friend and co-conspirator

Vincent Atsahbeyaz Lastrada

  • Age/Appearance: 19 yrs/ 5’11”, lean and long-limbed, waist length raven hair and eyes a dark enough brown to approach black. Vincent uses Canadian crutches to walk, having lost much of the use of his legs during a childhood illness
  • Occupation: Self-employed computer programmer/web designer
  • Relationships: Drew and Jonathan’s Dom, Derelict’s ex, Victor’s friend and co-conspirator

Xavier Gavrilov

  • Age/Appearance: 22 yrs/ 5’9”, lean, chiseled, and graceful he has a dancers body. Dark sandy blonde hair that tends to curl unless he blow dries it straight, sky blue eyes, a golden tan and an easy smile give him surfer boy good looks.
  • Occupation: Dancer/stripper, ex porn star
  • Relationships: David’s live-in and lover, Katya’s ex-sub and occasional lover, and friend with benefits to Cody, Victor, Richard, Liam, Jonathan and Drew.