Lovers with Open Minds, Friends with Benefits

Der stopped at a place on the dance floor where the crowd had parted for him. Funny, all he had to do was smile sometimes, that white, sharp-toothed wolf’s smile, and people moved for him.

With a hand to Drew’s waist, he pulled him in close, letting the bumping grind of the music take him. He curled over to kiss the top of Drew’s ear. “You look smoking hot tonight, sugar bear.”

Drew laughed and shook his head. “You like the refugee look then, huh?” He grinned as he brushed a hand over the inch or so of hair on his head. At least it was soft now, but still shorter than he’d had it since he was six and his mom decided to take him to the barber for a brush cut for the summer. He glimpsed Xavier and Jonathan through the crowd, melded together at the lips and hips. He turned Der’s head toward them. “Now that’s smoking hot!” He laughed.

Der turned right back, an odd look in his eyes. Drew realized a moment late it might have been hurt lurking there. He still smiled, though, gamely trying to smother whatever thought had hit him. “Always. Those two can’t help it. Like little censures filled with sex incense.”

“Of course, neither one of them can hold a candle to you.” Drew smiled, his fingers pressing on the back of his neck to bring him closer for a soft kiss. “They’re too pretty to be really handsome.”

A soft laugh vibrated in Der’s chest as his hands slid down to the top curves of Drew’s lovely butt. Caught sulking, oh, yes, Drew could read him like a picture book. “Flattery will get you just about everywhere with me.”

Drew grinned happily and kissed him again. “Don’t I know it,” Drew said cheekily as he bounced and wriggled in Der’s arms. He wasn’t as talented as Xav, or as graceful as Jonathan, but he was enthusiastic and always had fun when he was dancing.

Der bent him backwards when the beat turned sultry. His body never stopped moving, a slow, sensual grind against Drew’s as if he took him right there on the dance floor. He closed the distance between them, unable to resist those lips any longer, and seized them in a fierce kiss.

At the table, Vincent let out a little snort that had Brandon looking his way. “I think some of us might end up sleeping alone tonight.”

Brandon’s chuckle didn’t sound entirely comfortable and Vincent bit back a sigh. Apparently, he was capable of making even Brandon ill at ease. He changed the subject slightly. “I wanted to thank you. For Jonathan. For being so kind to him.”

“Well, I, uh…” Brandon cleared his throat. “I didn’t exactly do it just to be nice to him, you know.” He glanced at Vince with a little grin, his expression all sexy boy-next-door. “Although, I’m glad he’s more comfortable around me now.”

Vincent laughed softly. “I didn’t mean to imply that you did it out of pity. He is perhaps one of the most incredible sexual magnets I’ve ever met, a sensual being in every sense.” He leaned his chin on his hand. “I knew long ago I couldn’t demand absolute fidelity. He needs a little…variety of experience. But he needs the rules. And he needs compassionate lovers. Which is why I give my permission carefully.”

He smiled at Brandon. “So, yes, I know how desirable he is. But thank you, for letting him find his way to you. It took Der much, much longer to make any headway with him, you know.”

Now it was Brandon’s turn to snort. “That’s because they both like teasing each other so much.” He took a sip of his beer, looking out over the crowd. Jonathan and Xavier had been swallowed up, but he could still spot Der and Drew. He loved Der more than anything, thought that gorgeous body should be cast in bronze so generations from now some horny boy could still run his hands over it. Watching the way he moved with Drew was pretty damn hot, too… that boy could still make his heart thud, and, ah, other areas a bit further south.

He returned his attention to Vincent. “I think you’re right. I can see Der’s devious plans to steal Drew from you tonight from here.” He chuckled. “Will you mind? If they both go with someone else tonight?”

“Mind?” Vincent shook his head. “No, not mind so much as miss them. I’m not one of those people who can’t sleep alone. But it will be a little strange. I don’t think I’ve had a night yet where I’ve been alone in our house.”

Drew had almost forgotten how much fun it was to lose himself in a crowded dance floor and just let the music pulse through him. He didn’t know how much time had gone by, but Der leaned in to tell him he should go check on Brandon. Drew nodded, but he wasn’t ready to stop yet. He gave Der a kiss and shimmied into the crowd.

Drew had been so absorbed with Der and with dancing that he hadn’t really noticed how many times eyes traveled over him. He noticed as soon as Der left his side, though. He wasn’t gone thirty seconds before a smiling stranger danced his way up to Drew and slid his arms around him. Drew stiffened for a second or two, but he told himself to relax.

Wasn’t he here to dance and have fun? Still, he only danced with him for a minute before moving out of his grasp, but he seemed only to move right into another.

About the fourth or fifth one, he found someone a little more determined not to let him slip away. “You are fuckin gorgeous,” he said just above Drew’s ear. His arms were around Drew’s waist and he pressed his hips close, rubbing up against Drew. “Come home with me so I can fuck your brains out.”

Drew laughed. “Smooth.” He shook his head. “I’m with someone.”

“Bring him, he can watch. Or I’ll do you both.”

“No thanks.” Drew went to pull away from him but another guy pressed up behind him.

“Don’t mind him, honey. He’s trashed. You can still come home with us, though?”

“No, sorry.” Drew said, and somehow slipped sideways. Okay, maybe it was time to go. Or at least go check on Vince and everyone. He wove his way through the writhing bodies and ran smack into Der. He beamed a bright smile up at him and put his arms around his neck. “I was just heading back to the table.”

If Der wrapped his arm around his waist a bit possessively, he couldn’t be blamed. He’d seen the more insistent cruisers. Seen how they had their hands and just about everything else all over Drew and he’d just managed to wipe the snarl from his face when Drew found him.

“Well, perfect, since I was just coming to find you,” Der said with a smile and a nuzzle to Drew’s cheek.

Drew nuzzled him back and found his lips in a softly tender kiss. “I feel bad, I kept you all night. You didn’t get to dance with Brandon at all.”

“Tell you a secret,” Der said in a stage whisper. “Brandon’s too white bread to have any rhythm. He doesn’t like to dance.” He ran a claw tip through Drew’s hair. “I was just wondering, sugar bear, it’s been so nice to see you. Would you like to come home with me tonight?”

“Only if you promise to tie me up and do naughty things to me,” he said in a playful sexy whisper in Der’s ear.

Der held up a hand in a Boy Scout salute. “Scout’s honor. I will be absolutely wicked.”

Drew laughed and was still laughing while he ran to keep up with Der’s long legs as he strode back to the table.

The request made Vincent glance at Brandon with quiet amusement. “Well, we certainly know our boys, don’t we?” He turned back to Der. “I’ve already lost Jonathan to Xavier, they’re already gone. And now you want my Andrew as well? Should I take Brandon home with me to make things even?”

He was teasing, Der was pretty sure, but still his mouth hung open with no snappy retort able to form.

Brandon knew Vince wasn’t serious, but he wasn’t above a little teasing himself. He slid a hand across Vince’s shoulders, caressing over the dark silk of his hair. He leaned in closer so when he spoke his breath moved over Vince ear. “I think that’s only fair.”

Vincent managed to keep both a straight face and a handle on the little shiver that skittered up his back. He still gazed at Der, whose confounded expression had just gone from surprised to adorably perplexed. “Well? An answer sometime today?”

“I suppose if you wanted,” Der answered slowly. “That is, I suppose I shouldn’t be too greedy…”

Brandon leaned even closer and whispered for Vince’s ear alone. “Even if I just end up on your couch, hon. Better than on my own listening to them, hm?” he said, letting Vince know that whatever happened was up to him.

A pale hand reached up to smooth a stray bit of hair from Brandon’s face. “There we are then. Drew, you may have Der tonight. All to yourself.” Vincent smiled for Drew but an odd feeling had hold of him. He wasn’t sure if it was attraction or nerves.

In the hearse, Drew waited until Der had pulled out onto the street before he asked. “Der, you ok with this? For sure?”

Der’s laugh held a strange, fey edge. “Gods. What a jerk I’d be if I asked Brandon to accept all the things I do and then tell him no the first time…not that anything will probably happen. At least…maybe not. It is Vincent, after all. Not that I’m saying Vincent’s not…oh, dear gods, I’m just going to get both big feet stuck in my mouth no matter what here.”

Drew laughed softly, and then said a little more seriously. “I don’t think you would have been a jerk if you’d said no… I mean, he did sort of spring that on you. Although, I don’t think Bran or Vincent meant to, I think they were just teasing, at first.”

“At first.” Der pulled in a long breath as he took a corner. “Right. Not so sure about towards the end there. And I don’t know where this is coming from. It doesn’t give me any sort of turn that you sleep with Jonathan and Vincent. It doesn’t bother me at all that Jonathan’s gone off to screw Xavier’s brains out. I certainly don’t have any odd feelings, except for getting hard as hell, when I see the Prince kiss someone else. And it just gets me hot thinking of Ethan with Quinn.”

He chewed carefully on his lower lip. “So why do I feel like I need to mark my territory now?”

Drew looked at him, waiting…and when he didn’t say anything more he shook his head. “Oh, c’mon Der… you have to know, don’t you? Brandon’s the one, you know, the one. And it’s the first time he’s gone off with someone else since you guys have been together. You’re going to feel a little weird about it. I was just worried that you might feel too weird about it, like cause-a-problem weird.” Drew knew very well and very painfully how these things could suddenly become a big problem.

“Please.” Der snorted. “Just because I’ve fallen in love again, it doesn’t mean I’ve found…” He trailed off, opened his mouth, and snapped it shut again. “Oh. Dear gods…”

In that moment, in Drew’s casual words, he realized it was all true. Brandon was the one he’d waited for, pined for, not just his current love but also that one epic love of a lifetime. His. Brandon was his… “Jonathan’s right. I can be really dense sometimes.”

He turned it over some more and burrowed into the possibility of Vincent and Brandon… his beloved Vincent, his Brandon…and suddenly it didn’t seem odd at all. An image came to him of the five of them snuggled in bed like a basket of puppies and he threw his head back and laughed. “But I think, sugar bear, that it’s going to be just fine.”

Drew watched with a soft smile on his lips as Der worked though the process, imagining little gears turning in his head. He leaned over and kissed his cheek. “You are a great big wonderful man, you know that? Brandon is lucky.” He smiled.

“I’m the lucky one, sugar bear. Twelve times over.” He shot Drew a wink as he pulled into the apartment’s garage. “Now we just have to convince my mother that I’m settled and happy.”

“I think she knows.” Drew said, sliding over to straddle Der’s lap as soon as he cut the engine. “She hasn’t been calling you as much lately, has she?” He observed, kissing teasingly along Der’s jaw and across his lips. “I’ve missed you, Der,” he whispered, kissing him more firmly. The tip of his tongue teased the crease of Der’s lips until he opened and let him in to explore, the little bead in his tongue stroking along the roof of his mouth. His hips moved restlessly in Der’s lap, still wanting to move to the pounding rhythm of music they’d left behind. Drew’s fingers framed Der’s face, sliding back into his hair as they kissed with mounting passion. “I want you so much.” He got out in breathless rush between kisses.

Der’s hands slid over him, their limbs tangling in an urgent embrace. Drew leaned back a little when Der leaned forward and his back pressed up against the horn on the steering wheel, startling them both with a short, impatient blast. They both laughed.

“Maybe we should go upstairs, sugar bear.” Der suggested.

They managed to tumble out of the car and up to Der’s apartment with their clothes still intact.

Once inside, Der hung his coat on the peg and swept Drew up in his arms. “I’ve missed you, too. I’m so glad you’re well again. Have I told you how scared I was?”

“Only about a thousand times,” Drew said softly, his fingers stroking Der’s cheek.

“Sorry.” Der carried him to the bed and set him down gently. “But I’ve promised you wicked things…” He turned to rummage in his toy drawer, humming to himself.

Drew toed off his shoes and took off his socks, watching Der as he made a show of selecting just what he wanted while not letting Drew really see yet what he was taking out. Drew crossed his arms and pulled off his shirt. When he looked over at Der again he was leering comically and holding an enormous purple dildo almost as long as his forearm with pink flowers on it. Jonathan had given it to him as a gag gift a while ago. Drew laughed, “I don’t think so!”

Der frowned and looked at the lurid thing. He gave an airy wave. “Of course not. It will so clash with your hair, honey. What was I thinking?” Drew’s laugh sluiced over him in a warm eddy. Oh, how he loved that laugh.

He finally located what he truly wanted and stood with four lengths of cotton rope in one hand, twirling a hog tie by one of its rings.

Drew stood, slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down as he looked at the ropes in Der’s hands. There was a little flutter in his stomach. Der had never really tied him up before. He’d asked Drew to restrain him, and there had been that once with Vincent there, but that was a little different. Drew realized all the little flutters were anticipation. He slid his jeans and underwear off and stood waiting, his excitement growing along with the stiffness of his cock.

Der took a step towards him and dropped to his knees, gray eyes gazing up at Drew. “You’re so damn beautiful,” he whispered.

He put the hogtie on the bed and the cords on the floor before he lifted Drew’s right arm to kiss the soft skin at the base of his palm. He nuzzled and licked at the palm while he tied the first cord around Drew’s wrist.

Drew’s thumb caressed Der’s cheek while he tied the rope. He stood quietly, letting Der take his time as he tied each one carefully.

Little touches and kisses went with each but Der left the mouthwatering erection in front of his face alone. It was hard…he was hard…but he managed. Finally, he smoothed his hand over Drew’s hip. “Get up on the bed for me, sugar bear, on your front. Get yourself comfy.”


Brandon followed Vincent as he swung himself into the kitchen. “Could I get you anything? Water? Juice? Some of the chocolate biscotti Jonathan made yesterday?”

He hung up his crutches, levered himself onto his rolling stool and got out the offered items so Brandon wouldn’t have a chance to be polite and decline. They talked softly for a few minutes about Der, about the cats and the apartment.

Vincent finished his water and fixed Brandon with a steady gaze. “I do have an extra bed, of course, so there’s no need for you to sleep on the sofa. It’s not that I’m not interested but I would never force myself on you. I know I’m not exactly your type.” A little smile tugged at one corner of his mouth. “I’m not really anyone’s type, to be quite honest.”

Brandon actually laughed. “Ah, you’re right. Hot young men with gorgeous faces, long silky hair, and soulful dark eyes are never anyone’s type.” He made a fussy little wave reminiscent of a gesture Jonathan might use, his smile softening when he pulled a little laugh from Vince.

Brandon touched his fingers to Vince’s chin, tilting his head toward him. “If I felt nothing at all, I would have gone home with Der. It’s not reluctance you’re picking up on, just respect for boundaries.” Slowly Brandon leaned closer, giving Vince plenty of time to say stop, and when he didn’t, he brushed his lips tenderly over Vince’s.


Drew lay down on the bed as Der instructed, wriggling a bit to get comfortable. He thought of something and turned his head to the side to look at Der. “You don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to, Der.”

A strangled sound caught in Der’s chest as his brows crept up his forehead. “You are joking, aren’t you?” He pulled his sleeveless t-shirt off over his head. “Sugar bear, I dream about things like this. Your sexy little body trussed and squirming. How can you even suggest something like that?”

Drew’s lips curled in a little smile at him, though whether the smile was more for the comment or the skin just revealed would have been hard for him to say. “I just wanted to be sure, because you’re being so…careful.”

“Oh.” Der scratched his head. “Do you not want me to be careful? It’s not really what I’m good at. Playing rough.”

Drew chuckled softly. “I love everything you do, Der. Everyone’s been treating me like I might break lately, I was just making sure you weren’t uncomfortable or anything.”

With a little sigh, Der sat down next to him. He ran a claw tip down Drew’s back to circle the little dimple above his tight little cheeks. “You can’t blame us, love. If we feel a little more tender around you for awhile.” His breath caught and his voice trembled. “We thought we were losing you. Vincent was nearly out of his mind with worry. Me, too.”

“I know, Der. I know… I’m ok now though, all better,” he said with a softly encouraging smile.

Der snatched him up, pulled him into his lap, and crushed him close. His desperate war against bursting into tears had him shaking, his hands traveled over Drew’s body as if he needed to be reassured of his solidity. Desperation slid sideways and he seized Drew’s lips in a scorching kiss, devouring him, plunging his tongue again and again into the heat of Drew’s mouth.

Drew wrapped his arms around Der’s neck, pressing tightly to him, kissing him hot enough and hard enough to make his toes curl. Der released his lips only to bend into the crook of his neck, kissing and licking there. Drew tipped his head back with a soft moan of desire.

“Gods…the sounds you make,” Der whispered against his skin. “I’m going to burst into flames.”

“Don’t do that, we don’t have your fireman here to put you out,” Drew teased, his fingers combing through Der’s hair, the ropes still looped around his wrist trailing down Der’s back. He wriggled his hips in Der’s lap. “You’ll just have to find another way to burst.”


Vincent let his fingers slide into Brandon’s hair, so thick and surprisingly soft. He pressed closer as Brandon opened for him and let his tongue explore. His scent was clean and hinted at cinnamon. His hands were so gentle, hard to believe the man put out fires for a living.

“I would tell you about the scars.” Vincent pulled back, his thumb stroking Brandon’s cheek. “But I think you know. And I suppose we…match in a way, now.”

Brandon kissed along Vince’s jaw, his fingers gliding lightly over his ribs. “I won’t worry about them if you don’t.”

I don’t care if you don’t, and I don’t want it if you don’t,” Vincent recited the opening chorus lines of ‘Let’s Go to Bed‘, slipping into the habit of trading appropriate lyrics with Der.

Brandon chuckled softly near Vince’s ear. “Well, come on then.” He whispered, breathing in the scent of his hair. “Let’s go to bed.” He lifted Vince from the stool, strong hands holding him just below his butt. “Is this alright?” he asked belatedly. “Or would you rather walk?”

“This is fine,” Vincent said as he wrapped his arms around Brandon‘s neck. “He likes to carry me, too. And there’s no one here to see.”

Brandon smiled. He kissed and nuzzled Vince’s neck and lips all the way to the bedroom, then knelt on the edge of the bed and rolled Vince down, kissing him more passionately as he did. His fingers went to the buttons of his shirt, undoing them slowly and pushing the fabric back on his shoulders and down his arms.

Vincent allowed it, fighting the overwhelming shyness that crept over him when a new lover undressed him. He stopped Brandon’s hands after the shirt so he could reciprocate and unbutton Brandon’s to slide it off his hard-packed torso.

His fingers traced over the burn scars along Brandon’s side. There seemed a strange pattern to them, almost decorative.

“My death walks beside me,” he said softly as he gazed up into Brandon’s dark eyes. “It’s a strange thing, to stand beside death and have him tell you it’s not time. Survival is… excruciatingly painful at first, isn’t it? Though later you understand it as a gift.”

He came up on his elbow to give Brandon’s lips a tender kiss. “I’m still frightened at the prospect of losing someone I love. Having them dash into the dark before me. But my own death…that no longer frightens me at all.”

Brandon kissed him, soft but intense. “You are too old to be so young,” he murmured.

“So I’ve been told,” Vincent said as his hand wandered over Brandon’s chest. He hitched himself over to the headboard to recline against the pillows. A little wave had Brandon join him, straddling his hips. He caressed over Brandon’s arms, feeling the hard muscles before he moved his hands inward to undo Brandon’s pants.

Brandon watched Vince’s fingers as he worked on the buttons of his fly. His own hands caressed gently down Vincent’s chest, tugging the button of his slacks free and unzipping them. He bent to kiss the side of his throat, working his way down in a trail of hot kisses.

“You may need a shoehorn to get me out of these,” Vincent got out in a breathless whisper, referring to the skin-tight leather encasing his hips. “It took both Jonathan and Drew to get them on.”

“I think I can manage it.” Brandon chuckled. “I’ve had some practice.” He didn’t bother trying to slide his pants down, instead he took hold of the top and peeled the leather down lean hips and thighs. He dropped them over the side of the bed, and shed his own jeans and underwear. He lay on his side beside Vince, one arm propping his head.


Der’s answering growl was both playful and full of heat. He tipped Drew back onto the bed on his front with a little pat to his adorable butt. “You just relax, then, sugar bear, and let me work on getting us both to burst.”

He reached for the hogtie and placed it in the middle of Drew’s back. A little smile tugged at his lips when Drew twitched at the cold metal against his skin. His hands smoothed down Drew’s arms before he eased them back to tie them securely to the top rings. Then he bent one shapely leg up at a time, kissing along ankles and calves while he secured Drew’s ankles as well.

Feet up in the air, knees spread, Drew looked good enough to eat. So Der leaned forward to lick at the beautiful cheeks offered to him.

Drew flexed, testing the amount of movement he had. The tip of Der’s tongue ran a wet line over his cheek and he squirmed a little more.

“You like that, sugar bear?” Der breathed over the crease of his ass. “Or do you want something more?”


Vincent caressed Brandon’s side and hip, his fingers slipping over the curve of one muscular cheek. “I don’t generally bottom,” he said with a soft smile. “Though I usually have to top on my back. I hope that’s all right.

Bran kissed his lips, fingers trailing lightly down his chest. His smile was disarmingly boyish. “Can you snort like a bull, too?” he asked, and when Vince arched a brow, he chuckled. “Sorry, just a little joke. Der… never mind.” He kissed him again, laughing, and slid his arms around Vince. He kissed downward, follow the planes of his chest and letting his warm lips suck at his nipple, lashing it lightly with his tongue.

“Mmm, you are so sweet,” Vincent whispered, his back arching into Brandon’s eager attentions. His hands stroked through Brandon’s hair, over his broad shoulders and back. He gasped when Brandon sucked a nipple into his mouth. In no rush, he let Brandon do as he liked, willing to be teased for a while.


“Yes.” Drew breathed, his hips moving against the mattress in a slow sensual grind. “Oh please, yes…”

“Oh?” Der’s voice dropped to a husky growl. He peeled out of his leathers and reached into the nightstand. “And what is it you want, my little sex kitten?”

Not as if he needed Drew to tell him but he so wanted to hear it from Drew’s lovely lips. He set the lube down in easy reach, pulled a couple of claw sheaths on and waited for an answer.

“Mmm…I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk straight,” Drew said with a heated look for him.

“I do believe that can be arranged,” Der murmured. He flipped off the top of the lube bottle and squeezed a half dollar-sized dollop onto his sheathed fingers. He didn’t waste any more time teasing, about to pass out from desire himself, but rolled the pad of one silicon clad finger over Drew’s tight entrance until the tip slid inside.


Brandon moved down Vince’s torso with slow caresses and kisses. His mouth was already watering for a taste of the beautiful cock he nuzzled. Unable to resist any longer he laved the flat of his tongue in a lazy circle around the smooth head, and pushed his lips down the silky wetness he created.

Another little gasp whispered from Vincent. His hips rolled, pushing up into Brandon’s mouth. He took his bottom lip between his teeth to keep the hard moan from rising up his throat and some of the more ridiculous words as well. A hundred men had most likely told Brandon how handsome he was, how desirable. Any lover he’d had would have told him how wonderful that sweet, pliant mouth was.

Sweet spirits, his head was spinning. “I want you,” he finally moaned, his body yearning towards the one atop his. “Brandon…I want you so…”


Drew’s hips came up off the bed. “Uhhh…Der…” His name came out a husky whisper.

“Mmm, I’m right here, love,” Der whispered. He leaned forward to kiss Drew softly while his finger slid inside. Drew didn’t want to be treated like glass but he’d be damned if he was going to rush and hurt him.

He took his time, one finger and then two, teasing Drew open, waiting for him to relax. The little squirms were making him crazy, the hogtied position perfect for Drew’s lithe, graceful frame. When he couldn’t take any more, he positioned himself between Drew’s wide-spread knees, took his cock in hand and eased inside.


Brandon lifted his mouth from him and slid his leg over Vince’s hips. Without having to ask, he unerringly reached for a bottle of lube from the drawer beside the bed and stroked a good dollop over Vince’s straining shaft, his hand moving up and down slowly. “I want you too, Vince.”

“Good,” Vincent breathed on a sultry smile. He took Brandon by the hips and guided him, having him lift up a bit so he could position himself. Brandon hadn’t been prepared at all, which gave Vincent a moment of concern, so he rolled slowly, asking for entry rather than demanding it.

Brandon eased down, knowing exactly how much he could take and how fast. He watched Vince’s face, the way his eyes slid closed for a moment and opened again as if he didn’t want to miss anything, the way his soft lips parted on a little gasp, the way his throat bobbed when he swallowed hard. He leaned in, taking his lips like he wanted to devour him, his toned body moving in slow waves on top of him.

A moan vibrated against Brandon. Long arms wrapped tight around him, surprising him with their strength. Though someone who moved his whole body on his arms would have to have strong ones, he just hadn’t thought about it before.

Vincent’s moans came more often now as they moved together, his cock buried deep inside that tight sheath. He reached between them to wrap his fingers around Brandon’s erection, stroking in time with their hips, reveling in the feel of that thick, straight member in his hand.

Brandon rose and fell in steady rhythm with Vince. The hand wrapped around him moved with skill and had him climbing in no time. His own hands tightened in the sheets on either side of Vince. “Mmm…yeah, that feels so good.”


Drew’s forehead dropped to the mattress. “God, Der…oooh.” He exhaled, back arching gracefully.

Der grasped his hips and held him still so he couldn’t wriggle one way or the other. He thrust further in to his first ladder rung, the little balls of his piercings sendings electric jolts through him as they bumped past Drew’s tight ring. In and out, he eased farther and farther in until he buried himself all the way with a ragged moan.

Drew gave a heated moan of his own, his hips moving despite the way Der held them. He couldn’t help it. “Oh, that feels so good Der.” He said breathlessly into the sheets.


“Brandon…” Vincent whispered as his sac tightened, the pressure reaching boiling all at once. “Sweet spirits…kiss me…come with me…”


Der stilled buried to the balls inside Drew’s heat. He whimpered, trying to hold out for a little longer. “Sugar bear, are you anywhere near yet?”


Brandon’s lips hovered just above Vince’s. “Vince… oh, yes, I’m…uhhh!” He lost his words as his body suddenly moved faster, coming down harder and a hot geyser erupted over Vince’s smooth belly.


Drew groaned, unable to answer or even form coherent words. His body did all the talking for him, bucking and squirming as far as his bonds and Der’s weight would allow. It was a sudden, delicious thrill, knowing he was helpless under Der’s firm body, and yet knowing he was perfectly safe. He was so damn horny it was all he could do to hold on for a few more intensely erotic moments. Der’s cock pushed into him, grinding his hips and his cock into the sheets beneath. “Oooh, ooohhh!” His lean body tightened, he bucked hard, once…twice, and his come was gushing into the sheets.


Vincent seized his lips in a bruising kiss, bucking up into Brandon in short hard thrusts as that heated sleeve clamped around him. His cry of ecstasy caught by Brandon’s mouth, he let his lips and tongue tell him how wonderful he was as he came with explosive force.

Brandon collapsed on top of him, panting, and Vincent held him gently, murmuring soft, tender nothings in his ear.


Der’s eyes rolled and his hips pistoned, taking Drew harder than perhaps he ever had before. He came with a strangled cry, fingers digging into Drew’s hips, the room tilting from the intensity of it all.

Drew lay panting and boneless, a warm glow in his bound limbs. He couldn’t have moved even if he were free. He just wanted to lay there and float.

When Der’s eyes uncrossed and his cock had softened enough to retreat gently, he pulled out and undid the knots one by one. He placed Drew’s limbs down on the covers carefully, massaging each one before moving on. With the cords all tossed onto the floor, he moved Drew just enough to slide the wet spot out from under him and lay down beside him to nuzzle at his shoulder.

Drew took a deep breath and let it out slowly, and sleepy sated smile on his face. He turned over, sliding his arms around Der’s neck and kissing him. “That was really fun. So hot.” He grinned, kissing and nuzzling him.

“Of course it was hot,” Der said with a sleepy smile. “It was with you.” He rolled to his back, settled Drew against his side, and covered them both. “You know, if we go to sleep now, we might be able to get up in the morning in time to make Vincent breakfast.”


Vincent was at that moment settling Brandon next to him in nearly the identical position. “I suppose we’ve completed the last piece of the puzzle here,” he said, his hand stroking Brandon’s shoulder.


Dave woke first the next morning. Xavier slept curled in a warm ball beside him. In the living room Jonathan was just opening his eyes when Dave came out. They were both used to rising early, and both had plans for the day. Since Xavier wasn’t likely to stir before noon Dave offered to take him home.

Right about the time Dave dropped Jonathan off, Drew and Der were just getting back in the car from an early morning trip to the bagel shop and headed to the condo as well.

Jonathan took off his shoes at the door, put his keys on the rack in the kitchen and started coffee. A late night for Vincent meant he would still be sleeping and Drew would stay snuggled in with him whether he was awake or not. Jonathan hummed softly to himself as he padded around the condo.

Finally, he pushed the bedroom door open and smiled. Vincent lay on his side, his face angelic and beautiful as he slept, with Drew curled up against his back and burrowed under the covers.

Wait. That’s too big to be…

The body next to Vincent shifted, a heavily-muscled, tattooed arm sliding over Vincent’s hip.

“Holy shit!” Jonathan spat out, backpedaled three steps and fell on his butt in the hallway.

Brandon’s head came up, though it took him a few blinks before he realized he was in Vince’s bed looking at Jonathan on the floor in the hallway. “Jonathan?” he murmured groggily.

Vincent’s eyes snapped open. Then he grunted and buried his head under the pillow. His voice drifted out muffled from underneath. “This is not the manner in which I expect to be woken. Coffee and a kiss good morning, yes. Obscenities and drama, no.”

“But that’s…that’s not Drew!” Jonathan sputtered.

Vincent emerged, turned his head, and gave Brandon a soft, sleepy kiss. “I do believe you’re right, beloved. Such a smart man.” He dove back under the pillow to hide from the light. “More coffee, less drama.”

Jonathan’s mouth snapped shut while Brandon’s hung open. He watched as Jonathan picked himself up and retreated down the hall.

Brandon stroked his hand down Vince’s arm softly and kissed his shoulder. “That was a little…abrupt,” he said gently.

Vincent’s initial response was an irritated snort but the gentle hand kept stroking his arm and he realized he had worried Brandon. He rolled to his back and let Brandon settle his head on his shoulder.

“There are times to offer him comfort and sympathy,” he explained with a soft kiss to Brandon’s forehead. “And there are times when the drama is just drama and shouldn’t be encouraged. Think about it a moment. Going off to sleep with someone else’s boyfriend and then having the nerve to be upset with me for having someone in my bed.”

A little wail came from down the hall. “Where’s Drew?”

Vincent sighed. “When he’s ready to be my sensible Jonathan and not the Empress of Drama, I will gladly explain.”

“Well, do you mind if I go talk to him? I mean, he’s only just felt a little more comfortable around me, I don’t want him to go back to flinching every time I move.”

“I would say sleeping in your arms is more than just a little bit more comfortable,” Vincent grumbled. “Go ahead, then.”

Brandon gave him a long look, but he got up and pulled on his briefs and pants before wandering out. He found Jonathan in the kitchen. “Hey, um, I hope you’re not upset, Jon. Drew went home with Der, so… I came over here.”

“I can see that,” Jonathan snapped as he wiped down the counter unnecessarily. “I’m not blind. And of course the big dork has Drew. Right when I need him most.”

Brandon cleared his throat. “I’m sure he’ll be home soon. Can I help you with anything?”

Jonathan whirled, eyes blazing. “Yes. You can tell me what the fuck you’re doing in my bed! With my Vincent! And don’t you tell me he seduced you since he doesn’t do that and—”

“Jonathan!” Vincent’s voice came from the bedroom, clearly angry. “That’s enough! Bring the coffee and yourself and get in here. Now. Both of you.”

Brandon and Jonathan stood there for a moment, Jonathan still glaring and Brandon looking very blank. Jonathan picked up the coffee mugs he poured and swept past him. Brandon leaned back against the refrigerator and pushed his hands through his hair, blowing out a breath. “Goddamn it,” he muttered. Feeling frustrated he turned and followed.

In the bedroom, Vincent was sitting up, covers pulled up to his waist. His hair kept falling over half his face and he shoved at it irritably. He took the mug Jonathan offered him but his tone could have frozen icebergs. “I suggest that you amend your tone and explain yourself. Brandon is a guest in this house, here by my invitation. He is not an intruder, not some—”

The front door opened and Der’s chain-festooned boots sounded in the hall. He swung around the corner, calling out, “Hi, honey, I’m ho—” He stopped short in the bedroom doorway, bag of bagels in one hand, Drew tucked under his other arm. His face fell and he swallowed hard. “Um…bad time?”

“Oh, no, not at all,” Jonathon snarked. “Your timing, as always, is fucking perfect.”

Brandon, who was probably the most easygoing person in the room, had his limits. Der was where he drew the line. Vince opened his mouth to say something but Brandon beat him to it. “Hey, if you got a problem you can be pissed at me all you want, but don’t you take it out on Der.”

Naturally, Jonathan buried his head in his hands and started to sob.

“Sweet spirits give me strength.” Vincent rolled his eyes and pulled in a long breath. He ignored Jonathan for the moment and held out his arms to Drew. “Good morning, my love. Did you have a lovely evening?” Then he turned his gaze to Der. “Come in, dearheart, don’t stand in the doorway. So thoughtful of you to bring breakfast.”

Brandon, who felt about two inches tall now, had no clue what to do. Der came into the room and handed him the bag and kissed his cheek.

Drew murmured a good morning to Vince as he came closer but stopped to put his arms around Jonathan. He could never stand to see him cry. “What’s going on?”

Feeling a bit spurned, Vincent folded his hands in his lap. “Jonathan came home and found Brandon sleeping in the bed with me. Just sleeping, mind you. He had a…hissy fit. And I’m rather annoyed with him for making Brandon so uncomfortable.”

Drew kissed Jonathan’s temple, but since he wouldn’t look at him, he let him go and slid next to Vincent on the bed, kissing him good morning and smoothing his fingers over his hair. He knew better than to make any comment at all about Jonathan’s ‘hissy fit’, even if he did think it was just a wee bit hypocritical of Jonathan when he’d spent the night with Xavier.

“How come you’re home so early, Jonathan?” he asked, thinking that might be safe enough and hopefully might make him look up at least.

“’Cause…Dave…came home…” Jonathan hiccoughed out through his sobs. “And I… slept…on…the couch…”

“Ah.” Der shed his coat and plunked down on the bed next to Jonathan. “So you got kicked out of one bed last night, then you come home hoping to crawl into bed with your ever-predictable, ultra-reliable Dom and your sweetie, and you find this big lug in your spot.”

Jonathan nodded and threw himself into Der’s arms where he sobbed harder.

Drew, as compassionate as he was, was having a hard time feeling sorry for Jonathan when he was so obviously making Brandon feel like shit. He caught his eye and gave him a wan smile he hoped was reassuring. “He was upset the first time Der spent the night, too,” he offered.

“Jonathan.” Vincent’s voice had lost the chill edge but was no less firm. He handed over a tissue box and patted Jonathan’s knee. “That’s enough now. You’ll make yourself ill. If I had known you were coming home so early, I would have let you know. I’m sorry you had a bit of a surprise but it could hardly have been that much of a shock.”

He motioned for Brandon to come back to bed. “Everyone’s hungry. Dry your eyes and behave. It’s not quite fair of you to go off and see other people, with my permission or not, and expect me to wait in icy solitude for your return, now is it?”

Jonathan shook his head, trying his best to get hold of himself.

Drew suddenly had a suspicion but he kept his mouth shut on it. He kissed Vince’s cheek again and got up, taking Jonathan’s hand and pulling him off Der’s lap as well. “Come on, come and help me get more coffee for everyone,” he said, leading Jonathan out.

Brandon watched them go with a little sigh. He sat on the edge of the bed next to Der and gave him a little kiss, and patted Vince’s leg. “I’m sorry for making any problems for you, hon,” he said, even though he knew it wasn’t exactly his fault. “But I won’t say I’m sorry for staying over.” He smiled and leaned over to kiss the corner of Vince’s mouth.

In the kitchen Drew let Jonathan just stand and pull himself together in relative privacy, knowing it would be easier with just him in the room, while he got a tray and mugs out. He set them down and then put his arms around Jonathan, kissing and nuzzling him affectionately until he pulled a little smile from him. “Did Xavier say something to you? Was he being mean?” he asked, knowing how Xav could be sometimes. He thought that might be why Jonathan was so emotional this morning.

“Not…exactly,” Jonathan said with a little shake of his head. “We were, you know, going at it, and Dave came home unexpectedly while I was still shoved up inside Xav. And he hadn’t checked his messages and he had sort of an adrenaline attack. You know how Dave gets. Nothing he can help. And then he was OK, and Xav got bitchy with both of us and there was lots of yelling from the bedroom.”

He pulled Drew close. “I mean, sure, Dave must’ve set everything straight, ‘cause soon he was bellowing for a different reason. But everything felt kind of…off. Like I’d just been used and Xav didn’t even know it and wouldn’t have been able to explain it if I asked.”

Drew wasn’t so sure Xavier didn’t know what he was doing, and he was immediately indignant on Jonathan’s behalf. “So he fucks you, then treats you like shit, makes you sleep on the couch and kicks you out first thing in the morning. What an asshole.” He said, smoothing his fingers over Jonathan’s hair.

“Um…” Jonathan blinked in surprise over the fierce defense. “It wasn’t quite like that, sweetie. Xavier thought Dave would be crashing at DJ’s. He didn’t make me sleep on the couch. I just would’ve felt bad taking the bed. And he wasn’t even up when I left. I asked Dave to take me home.”

Drew pulled back a little bit to look at Jonathan face, his fingers caressing over his cheek as he searched his eyes for hints that he was just making light of things so Drew wouldn’t get upset. When he determined that Jonathan wasn’t making anything less then it was, his lips twitched a little bit. “Then why are you getting so worked up this morning, hm? Didn’t Xav take care of you…”

“No, no that was just fine…”

“Then give Vince a break. Did you really want him here lonely all night while we were off doing what we wanted?”


“Alright then.” Drew kissed him, soft and tender sweet. He twined his arms around his neck and let the kiss linger a bit longer then he’d intended just because.

Jonathan buried his face against Drew’s neck with a little sigh. “It just all felt a little… weird. And I wanted Vincent this morning, just wanted to crawl into his arms and feel normal again. And then I get here and nothing’s normal and he yells at me and even Brandon snaps at me and…” He trailed off, knowing he was sounding whiny and childish but unable to explain himself any better.

Drew held him, stroking his back. “I’m sure they didn’t mean to. Vince didn’t know you had a bad night, he just knew you woke him up early freaking out. And Brandon, I think he only snapped at you because you snapped at Der.”

Jonathan wiped at his eyes again. “I guess I made a huge, freaking idiot of myself again, huh?”

“No…” Drew consoled him with kisses and pets. “Maybe just a little bit.”

With a huge sigh, Jonathan gathered up the plates and mugs and made his way back to the bedroom where Der had Brandon and Vincent snuggled up on either side. He set everything down and knelt on the bed, hands on his knees, eyes on the covers.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t feel quite…right this morning and I lost my head,” he murmured softly.

“Beloved,” Vincent said softly. “It was more than losing your head. You made Brandon feel unwelcome and as if he had dropped an anvil on your feet.” His fathomless eyes pinned Jonathan where he knelt. “I suggest you make a more thorough apology.”

Hands twisting, Jonathan eyes darted to Brandon and back to the bed. “I’m sorry, Bran. That I made you feel bad. That I was such a bitch. I’m…sorry I shrieked at you.”

Brandon leaned forward and took Jonathan’s chin in his hand. “It’s alright, honey.” He said, and gave him a soft kiss. It was very sweet, and very Brandon to forgive so quickly. It was probably a very good thing the two of them weren’t in a paired relationship or Jonathan would have had him wrapped around his little finger in no time, until Bran had enough and left, which had been how more than one of his relationships ended.

With a little sniff, Jonathan flung his arms around Brandon’s neck and clung tight. He truly did feel bad. Brandon was one of the sweetest men he’d ever met.

Brandon gathered Jonathan up and pulled him into his lap to snuggle and spoil him. Vince rolled his eyes. Der looked amused, Drew relieved.

Feeling just a little bit smug with himself for getting Jon to calm down and now that everyone was smiling again he made a little half jump and dropped across the end of the bed.

“Such a lovely sight,” Vincent said with a little smile around a sip of coffee. “Did Der tire you out last night?”

“Oh no. He insisted we not do anything too strenuous and go to bed early so we could bring you breakfast in bed.” Drew said with a completely straight face. He was lying on his front and he looked at Der with a slow smile as he bent his knees up, his heels almost touching his butt in a pose meant to give him flashbacks to last night.

“Vince, honestly,” Der said on a long breath. “How do you look at that night and day and not have your heart stop?”

“I take it the ‘nothing too strenuous’ was nevertheless interesting,” Vincent purred. “My kestrel, I think you’re overdressed.”

Drew lifted his hips a little bit and reached under to unfasten his pants. Knees and shoulders still on the bed he hooked his thumbs in the waistband and slid jeans and undies down the curve of his butt to his thighs.

“You took home my sweet Drew and brought back this naught boy,” Vincent said with a husky little laugh. “Does anyone feel like dessert first?”

Drew wriggled his hips enticingly and shimmied the rest of the way out of his pants.

Der watched Drew’s antics with a little smile on his face. He wasn’t sure what came over him, maybe just leftovers from last night, but that irresistible little wiggle was…well, irresistible. He leaned up, one long arm making it easy to reach over and give that cute little up-turned butt a playful swat that nonetheless made Drew flinch and gasp at the loud crack.

While not really into the whole spanking thing, that one well place swat warmed more than his cheek. The smoky look he gave in return was smoldering hot.

Der ventured a look over at Vincent and stilled. Those dark eyes had narrowed, one long, pale hand clenched tight. A wrong move, a wrong word now and he might find himself the brunt of an ice storm. Only half a heartbeat passed, though it seemed longer, before Vincent fought through his territorial instincts and relaxed again.

He crooked a finger at Drew. “Come up here, my bad little kestrel. You are too delicious for words.”

Jonathan stirred to join him as well but Vincent gestured him back. “You, beloved, will stay where you are for the moment. You’ve hurt Brandon’s feelings and I expect you to make him feel oh-so-much better.”

“As you command, Oh Prince of Night,” Jonathan said with a grin, his hand already stroking through the fur on Brandon’s chest.

Drew came up on his knees and pulled his shirt off, tossing it aside. Naked, he dropped back to all fours and prowled up Vince’s legs slowly. Even though Der had taken care of him very thoroughly the night before he was quivering with horny need now. His soft lips pressed to Vince’s in a hot, tongue-tangling kiss that was definitely a little on the aggressive side.

“I missed you, too, my love,” Vincent got out in a breathless whisper.

Drew pulled the covers down off Vince’s hips, curling down with a few hurried kisses along his chest before he wrapped his tongue around Vince’s stiffening member.

The press of the little tongue stud shot streamers of flame through Vincent’s limbs. “Oh…dear…gods….” he gasped out. “Der, why is my Drew so starved?” He stroked through the short bristles of Drew’s hair, concentrating on keeping his hands gentle.

“For you, Oh Prince of Night,” Der repeated Jonathan’s phrase in a heated whisper. “For you, we all would crawl on our bellies across burning sands–” He leaned in to capture Vincent’s moan with a tender, thorough kiss.

“Bad enough he sings in bed,” Jonathan muttered as Brandon peeled him out of his shirt. “Do you gag him sometimes?”

Brandon whispered something in Jonathan’s ear and smiled at the giggle he got from him. He nuzzled and kissed just behind his ear while his hand roamed over his chest and down to his waist to undo his pants.

Drew’s wet mouth slid slowly down Vince’s expanding shaft as he hummed his pleasure. His hands slid up Vince’s chest and back down in a caress, as if he couldn’t get enough of touching him.

Drowning in pleasure, Vincent wished he never had to come up for air. One hand stroking Drew’s skin, the other tangled hard in Der’s hair, he used them both as leverage to rock his hips gently in time to Drew’s lovely mouth.

Brandon’s lips nudged Jonathan’s gently, kissing him with building heat. He had to smile though, when he noticed Jonathan’s attention kept creeping back across the bed. He didn’t blame him. The scene unfolding over there was hot enough to melt lead. Drew’s lean nude body braced over Vincent’s as he went down on him was enough to distract anyone.

“Sorry,” Jonathan whispered with a little grin when he noticed where Brandon’s head had turned as well. He slid down to pull a nipple into his mouth and peeled the slacks down Brandon’s hips. The fireman really did have a nice hose, all ready and hard for him, though he managed not to say anything like that. Brandon was probably sick of the joke.

“Don’t be sorry.” Brandon murmured against his skin. “I’ll just have to try harder to get your attention,” he said with a mischievous little grin. That said, he flipped Jonathan over onto the bed, not roughly but enough to let him know he meant business. His hands moved under Jonathans hips and unfastened his button and zipper and he yanked his pants off in one smooth jerk. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Jonathan’s pert little globes, his hands caressing his hips in slow soothing circles. “Do I have your attention now?” He purred, kissed the base of his spine.

The sudden move, the position, the strength in those large hands conspired to hurl an icy spear through Jonathan’s belly. He stilled, willing himself to keep breathing. Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, he repeated over and over in his head. “Yes,” he squeaked out. “Bran? Hold me? Please? For a minute?”

Brandon turned him over, his hands caressing up his sides as he moved up over him. Resting on his elbows he cupped Jonathan’s face in his hands, fingers smoothing over his brow as he smiled at him, his expression somehow both sensual and kind. He kissed the tip of his nose and did nothing more, trusting Jonathan would proceed, or not, as he wanted.

Jonathan wrapped his arms around Brandon’s ribs and held on tight, face buried against his chest. He drew slow breaths, pulling in Brandon’s scent, mixed with Vincent and sex. He rubbed his cheek against the chest hair, realizing it had been awhile. All of his recent lovers either waxed or didn’t have much body hair.

“Mmm, fur,” he murmured, letting his hands start to roam.

Der was in an absolute agony of indecision. He wanted his Brandon, he wanted Drew, he wanted them all. He sat up in the middle of the bed and settled for watching the lovely bodies writhing on both sides, waiting to see where his body led him.

Drew lifted his mouth from Vince’s cock, wrapping his hand around the shaft and swirling his tongue around the head. He looked up at Vince, his expression teasing as he flicked the little stud in his tongue back and forth slowly over the little slit.

“My love,” Vincent got out on a soft moan. “I won’t last that way.” He tugged at Drew to bring him back up so he could whisper in his ear. “Would you like to take me?”

Drew felt the whispered words tickle along his ear and pool like molten heat in his middle. He nuzzled along Vincent’s throat and pulled back enough to smile and him, and urge him to roll over onto his front. His hands swept down Vince’s smooth back and up to gather his hair to one side so he could nibble along the nape of his neck. “I want you so much…” he whispered there, kissing a line of fiery kisses down to his shoulders.

He fumbled the cap off the lube and slicked his fingers, pressing them to the tight little O between Vince’s cheeks and sinking inside him. The little moan he got made him quiver with need.

Brandon stroked his hands over Jonathan’s sleek body while he placed warm tender kisses along his jaw and down the side of his throat. He suddenly let out a soft little chuckle. Jonathan looked at him quizzically. “You have glittery stuff on your neck and chest. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were out all night with a stripper.”

Jonathan’s lips curled into a wicked grin. “I bet there’s glittery stuff other places, too, if you look hard enough.”

With Brandon’s tight muscular butt on one side and Drew’s sexy little globes on the other, Der had an inspiration. “Chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream…why not have both?” he murmured.

He nudged Brandon over so he and Jonathan lay closer to Vincent. Jonathan had already spread his thighs for Brandon, one stroking the backs of his legs. Didn’t take much to get the little beauty to relax anymore. Der stole one of his hands, lubed his fingers and guided them to Brandon’s puckered entrance.

Drew nibbled along the edge of Vincent’s ear, his warm breath caressing the dips and ridges there as he lined himself up with his entrance. A few tentative nudges and a little push and the head of his cock was being squeezed in a tight ring of muscle. “oooooh… Oh, Vince, god that feels so…” He couldn’t even think of words to describe it. His throat worked as he swallowed hard and sank a little deeper.

“Mmm, yes it does,” Vincent agreed as he rolled his hips into Drew’s intrusion, encouraging him and pulling him deeper.

Der borrowed one of Brandon’s hands and soon had his fingers teasing at Drew’s back door. He decided he should probably start with Brandon. His control was better than Drew’s who, once started, careened off like a little freight train and could rarely stop himself.

He removed the three fingers Jonathan had already worked into Brandon and eased the head of his cock inside his gorgeous love.

Brandon nearly had a meltdown. So many sensations at once. Jonathan’s legs around his hips, pulling him closer, the head of his cock pushing up against Jon’s tight slick little ring, Der pushing into him from behind, the way Drew flexed and moaned when he pushed a lube coated finger between his cheeks and entered him.

“Love…gods, you’re so tight,” Der whispered, thrusting in time with Brandon’s strokes into Jonathan.

When he had Brandon panting hard, he pulled out and shifted over a few inches to remove Brandon’s fingers and ease the head of his cock inside Drew.

Drew’s legs parted further and he arched his neck, a soft cry of pleasure forcing it’s way past his lips. His fingers tightened where he gripped Vince and he rolled between the two, impaling Vince with a hard thrust and slamming back to take Der.

“Like that, do you, sugar bear?” Der got out in a strangled whisper. He rolled his hips to get deeper, pulled out to his second ladder rung and thrust back in just to wring another one of those lovely sounds from Drew.

“Uh huh…” Drew moaned for him. “Mmm, yeah…I like that.” He panted, burying himself in Vince’s tightly clenching sleeve. He licked the back of his neck and placed a sucking kiss there.

Der’s extra weight made it nearly impossible for Vincent to push back but he did manage to roll his hips. He buried his face in the pillow with a hard groan, the friction of two bodies thrusting on top of him driving his rock-hard erection into the mattress.

“Drew…” he whispered. “Harder, love.”

Drew lips moved along the back Vince’s neck, his teeth nipping at him with a small husky growl. He had his arms wrapped around Vince and his hands curled over his shoulders, his long delicate looking hands were actually quite strong where they gripped him and pulled him back as he thrust forward hard and deep.

Vincent and Der’s moans washed over Drew in a harmonic echo. Der’s cock drove in harder to mimic Drew’s thrusts and he clenched his teeth hard when he felt Drew’s body tighten around him. “Come on, sugar bear, attaboy. You know you want to…”

“Aaah…aahh…” Drew’s eyes squeezed shut and his lips sucked hard at the tender skin of Vince’s throat. His body went rigid just before he came in a hot rush, pulsing deep inside Vince and spasming around Der’s turgid invasion.

Long, pale fingers fisted in the sheets as Vincent squirmed beneath Drew’s assault. He let out three gasping cries and came hard on the heels of Drew’s orgasm, heaving and writhing with every pulse. Jonathan was going to fuss about the sheets but it was well worth it.

Der stilled, eyes shut tight as he tortured himself. Drew’s heated sheath squeezing him so tight…gods…exquisite. Panting hard, he managed to hold on and eased out of Drew with little kisses to his shoulders and back. Without so much as half a breath, he returned to Brandon and slid back inside with a deep groan.

Brandon had his arms around Jonathan, his lips locked to his while he undulated in a slow, steady rhythm. Watching Drew sandwiched between Vince and Der, watching his utter abandon, was like being next to a white-hot flame fanning their own passions higher. But Bran knew what Der had in mind, and purposely took it slow to wait for him to come back. As Der sank into him, he no longer had to wait.

His lips nearly bruised Jonathan he kissed him with such heat. The powerful muscles of his back and thighs drove into him harder and faster now, rocking between him and Der the same way Drew had. He let go of Jonathan’s lips only to sear down the side of his throat, a softly heated moan gliding over his skin. “Come for me, Jon…” he whispered.

“Bran…ohgod…” Jonathan lifted his legs higher around Brandon’s ribs and heaved upwards, impaling himself harder on that thick cock. “You feel so good…ohdamnoh…”

Brandon seized his lips again as he came with brain-melting force.

Brandon went with him, plunging and bucking as his body was overwhelmed with the tight squeeze of Jon beneath him and the hard pike of Der behind.

“My love…gods, so beautiful,” Der whispered and curled forward to fasten his teeth on the hard muscle of Brandon’s shoulder. He drove in hard once more and held still, letting Brandon’s body grip him vise-tight. Then with soft, desperate cries, the pressure climbed too high and he exploded to join the chorus.

The five of them lay in a contented panting heap, not exactly like Der had pictured the night before, but close enough.

Drew was the first to move, pulling slowly and gently from Vince. Holding himself up on his arms he looked down at the smooth column of his lover’s throat and saw the mark he’d made. “Oops.” He bent his head and placed a soft kiss there. “Sorry…”

With a soft growl, Vincent turned far enough to seize Drew and tumble him to the bed beside him. “Don’t, my love, ever apologize for your passion. I will turn you over my knee and spank you breathless if I feel you’ve held yourself back.”

He smiled at the little giggle he received and then turned his head to speak in a soft, tender voice, “Beloved? Are you feeling better now?”

“Rrmmmph,” came the muffled response from beneath Brandon.

Still nuzzling lightly at the crook of Jonathan’s throat Brandon lifted off him gently on hands and knees, seemingly with no effort despite Der’s long body still sprawled across his back. “Better?” He asked, in a softly amused murmur.

Jonathan gave him a sleepy smile. “I didn’t mind the weight. But, yes, better.”

Still nestled inside Brandon, Der wrapped his arms around that barrel chest to keep from sliding off. The gentle soul masked the power in that body and Der’s cock twitched as he moved effortlessly with his burden. “Ye gods, I love this man,” he murmured against Brandon’s shoulder.

With a little sigh, he slid back to take his own weight on his knees and eased out so he could flop down in the middle of the bed. Brandon nestled close on one side and Drew on the other with Vincent curled close around him so his head rested atop Drew’s and on Der’s shoulder while Jonathan slid between to put his head on Der’s lap.

“Puppies in a basket,” Derelict said with a soft laugh.

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