Lovers with Open Minds, Friends with Benefits

Anthony sat in the front room waiting for Sasha to get home from work and Jerrett to return from his errands. At any other time in his life he would have been pacing, but the leg still bothered him and he’d already paced himself out. Instead he stared morosely at the beautiful polished wood cane Sasha had given him, twirling it in his hands, watching the brass top wink in the sunlight.

It was time to go home. He tired easily still but got around all right. He could drive short distances, get up and down steps if he had the cane, and really no longer needed someone to look after him. The return to his independent, unimpeded life should have made him happy. So why am I sitting here feeling like my dog just died?

Didn’t matter. He’d been a burden on Jerrett and Sasha too long, on their time and their privacy. As soon as Jerrett came home. Yep, that’s when he was going to say he was going home. And smile when he did it, dammit.

Jerrett got home first and he seemed to be in a good mood. He kissed Anthony hello and asked about his day, apparently oblivious to Anthony’s forced cheer and fidgety discomfort.

Finally, Anthony took a breath and said, “Sir, I need to talk to you about something.”

Jerrett usually granted his attention when he was asked for it, but this time he held up a hand. “All right, but I have something I’d like to discuss first.” He watched those owlish eyes blink in surprise. Anthony was fun to sidetrack; it was so easy. “Anthony, I know you don’t always like a submissive role, but…I want you to be mine, like Sasha is mine.”

“Oh.” Anthony’s legs gave way and he sat back down on the couch with a thud. He blinked, feeling stupid, trying to get his brain to change gears. “Um…I…that is, are you sure, sir?” Once started, his mouth took off before his brain could turn the corner. “I mean, I do love you so and it’s not like I wouldn’t kneel at your feet. When I can kneel again, that is. And if there was anybody, well, it would be you. But I’m kind of, you know, a handful. When I’m better. And bouncing around. Annoying, even, I know. Though I know I’m a mess and it would be better if I had someone to keep me in line, take charge, rein me in. But are you sure you want that to be you?”

Part of him couldn’t believe he was saying all this when Jerrett wanted a simple yes or no. Defensive, perhaps, because no one in their right mind would truly want him. Not like that. “Sir?”

Jerrett waited patiently for him to run out of words. “Well, since you put it that way I guess I should change my mind. After all, I am so very fickle that I would ask such a thing and then recant after serious consideration thirty seconds later,” Jerrett said dryly. He waited until Anthony’s eyes got large again and a small smile tugged at Jerrett’s lips. “Would you be mine, Anthony? Or shall I continue asking until you answer yes or no?”

Anthony ruffled both hands back through his hair, his hands shaking. “I’m sorry, dammit, sorry. I just, see, my train of thought got all derailed, completely off the tracks – whoosh! Straight down into the gorge. Here I was waiting for you with this speech all set about how it’s time for me to go home and I’ve been imposing on you too long and I was gonna pack my stuff up and say thank you, thank you, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you and all that and–”

He cut off and swallowed hard when Jerrett’s fingers drummed once on his forearm. The twitch of the panther’s tail – he recognized it by now. A huge lump in his throat, a hundred things warring in his hyperactive brain, he looked into those sharp, dark eyes.


“Yes what?”

Anthony forced the breath in and out of his lungs. He felt more than halfway to tears and a complete nervous collapse and he wasn’t even sure why. He wasn’t afraid of Jerrett anymore, afraid of his displeasure, maybe, afraid of not living up to expectations. It wasn’t that the idea upset him or that it wasn’t what he wanted. But it was all so unexpected and…unreal.

“Yes, I want to be yours,” he whispered. The cane rattled against the floor and he realized he was shaking. He put it down. “I want to give myself to you.”

Jerrett sat and pulled Anthony over into his lap carefully, mindful of his leg despite remarkable progress in healing. He took his chin gently between his fingers and kissed his lips very softly. “I want you to be mine or I would not have asked you, Anthony, and I’m glad you said yes,” he said on a warm purr, and nuzzled at the side of his jaw just under his ear.

A little shiver ran up Anthony’s arms. “Thank you, sir,” he murmured as those strong arms wrapped around him. Despite the confusion and the sudden feeling he no longer understood the universe in any useful way, Jerrett’s touch still caused a rush of heat to his middle.

He traced a finger over Jerrett’s ear and slid his arms around his neck when Jerrett began to nibble at his throat. Bravado and bluster, that’s all he truly was. Inside he was still the skinny, anxious little boy whose father had walked out without a backward glance, whose teachers claimed he had a learning disability because he could not concentrate on the boring, pointless things they wanted him to do, whose mother had despaired that he would never survive his childhood between his nervous stomach and his night terrors.

Any second now, that little boy whispered to him, Jerrett will tell you it’s all a big joke.

He realized he’d escalated from a gentle embrace to clinging desperately.

“Sorry…sorry…” he murmured, easing up before he cut off Jerrett’s air. “I guess…there’s still the other thing…”

A smile, yes, he managed one. Good. Better. “About whether I should go home?”

“I’ll tell you the same thing I told Sasha. You can keep your place if you want to, go there if you need to, but I like having you here and you can move in and treat this as your home if you want, too,” Jerrett said, then he suddenly set Anthony aside. “There is one more thing.” He rose and went into the hall where he’d left a small shopping bag. He returned and sat back down, pulled a box from the bag and handed it to Anthony. “This is for you.”

With a quick glance up at Jerrett’s face and then down at the velvet box, Anthony took it in both hands and eased it open, his bottom lip caught between his teeth. “Hells shiny, pointy gates…” he breathed out in stunned amazement.

Inside the box was a custom-made collar. The two-inch wide neckband was made of tiny circles of silver woven into a fine mesh resembling chainmail. At the very center of the front of the collar the mesh pattern opened in a circle about the size of a quarter and from the top hung a diamond pendant set in platinum that looked to be enough karats that any socialite debutant would have wet themselves had it been presented to them on a ring.

“Oh, sir…it’s…dear gods…” The backs of his eyes stung and he felt completely ridiculous but so full of joy as well, as if someone had poured a pitcher of light into his body. “Thank you. Would you…did you…want to put it on?”

“Well, I don’t think it will fit me…” Jerrett said, and the expression on Anthony’s face made him laugh. “I’m sorry hon, I don’t mean to tease.” He lifted the collar from the box and put it around Anthony’s neck, fastening it in the back. He had to smile; the design suited him well.

One long-fingered hand crept up to Anthony’s throat. The collar fit so perfectly it melded with him, as if it had always been there. “It’s so beautiful, sir. Puts me to shame,” he said on a shaky grin. “And all the girls at the Faire will be so jealous. Some of the boys, too.”

He squared his shoulders as a more determined look joined the glistening in his eyes. “I’ll try my best for you, sir, not to embarrass you or aggravate you too much. I mean, you will have breaks from me, at least, when I’m back on my feet. Out of the house from dawn to dark most of the Faire season. I travel a lot during the Winter and stuff, to the studios for documentary work and playing weapons coach to pampered actors who don’t know which end of a sword to hold. But I’m a good cook, though, sure, my food’s a lot spicier than Sasha’s, which is good for a little variety, and–”

He cut off abruptly, leaned forward to take Jerrett’s face between his hands, and seized his lips in a fierce, heated kiss.

“Isn’t it supposed to be me who cuts you off with a kiss?” Jerrett said playfully when they broke for a moment, then he returned the kiss with melting heat, wrapping his arms around Anthony and pressing him back against the sofa.

“Thought I’d save you the trouble,” Anthony whispered when Jerrett let him up for air. He wished he could be well and strong again, right that second, images of Jerrett flipping him over and taking him hard ricocheting around in his brain in the most distracting ways.

Jerrett was thinking along the same lines, but he was still gentle with Anthony, still careful as he undressed him and picked him up to carry into the bedroom. He left the door open and a trail of clothing behind. He spread Anthony out on the bed and sank down next to him, claiming his mouth again and caressing over his body in a sensual assault meant to inflame, without bringing either of them too close to the edge. He could keep this pace up for hours, and he sometimes did, driving Sasha or Anthony or both to distraction. Tonight his intent was only to keep the flame on simmer until Sasha got home.

Humming to himself, Sasha arrived a little after four, work done for the day and shopping complete. He came in through the garage, put the groceries away, and only then began to wonder why no one had come to say hello.

He peeked out into the living room and spotted the box on the sofa. “Oh, he did it!” His excitement turned to laughter when he saw Anthony’s shirt draped over the arm of the sofa, then his shoes a little farther towards the door, then Jerrett’s shirt draped over the banister.

The trail led, as he knew it would, to the bedroom, where his two gorgeous men were already locked in each other’s embrace. “I’m home,” he said with a soft smile.

Jerrett lifted his eyes to Sasha, their dark depths lit with inner fire. His lips released the nipple he was nibbling on long enough to say, “Welcome home, sweetheart. Why don’t you take your clothes off and come up here. I’ve held off for about an hour now and if one of us doesn’t get inside that beautiful body of yours soon I think we will both expire.”

Sasha wriggled out of his t-shirt and jeans in record time, took two running steps and did a swan dive onto the bed. He gave Jerrett a tender, lingering kiss and then broke off to take in Anthony’s new accessory.

“Oh, hon, it’s incredible. It’s so perfect.” Sasha ran a gentle finger over the silver links and rolled to his stomach to give Anthony a kiss as well, giving Jerrett a perfect view of his ass.

Jerrett couldn’t resist giving those pert upturned cheeks a swat, bringing his hand down with a crack somewhere between playful and painful.

Sasha let out a little gasp and then moaned as the sting settled into spreading warmth. He lifted his butt in invitation while he licked at Anthony’s jaw.

Jerrett smacked him again, just to see him squirm, and caressed his hand over those smooth cheeks. His fingers teased along the crease and slid between his legs to fondle his balls and rapidly expanding erection then back up to knead the firm mounds of his ass again. “Such a beautiful little ass you have, sweetheart.” He breathed over Sasha’s ear and kissed the back of his neck. His finger had slid between his cheeks and pressed, lightly teasing, at his tight little hole. “I can never decide if I want to spank it, eat it, or fuck it.”

A little shiver of delight skittered up Sasha’s back and he smiled as he rolled his hips in invitation. “Why choose, sir, when you can have everything your want?”

Jerrett’s warm chuckle was a vibration at the base of Sasha’s skull where his lips pressed. “Why indeed,” he agreed. He withdrew his finger though, and patted Sasha’s butt. “We are celebrating something special though. Would you like to show Anthony how happy you are he’s agreed to join our household?”

“Oh, yes, sir.” Sasha threw his arms around Anthony’s neck and hugged him tight. “I’m so glad you said yes.”

“Me, too, sweetie,” Anthony said with a soft smile. “You don’t even know.”

Sasha kissed his nose and turned back to Jerrett with a little twinkle in his eyes. “And what would you like, sir?”

Jerrett ran a hand over both sleek bodies before him as if contemplating a lunch selection. What shall it be? Ham on rye? Ruben? Roast beef?

He finally shifted around, moving to Anthony’s other side and putting him in the middle. He reached for a bottle of oil and spooned up to Anthony’s backside. Reaching over him, he tipped the bottle and let a drizzle of the oil spill over the crack of Sasha’s backside. “Why don’t you work that in, get him nice and slippery for you.” Jerrett purred under Anthony’s ear.

“Yessir,” Anthony replied with a serious nod. He slid his hand down Sasha’s back, kneading the muscles along the way, and then slid his fingers into the crack between those beautiful globes, teasing at the entrance. With a soft moan, he slipped one finger inside.

Sasha wriggled and pushed back against the gentle intrusion, lips parted in desire. “How do you feel, hon?” he whispered into Anthony’s chest.

“Capsized,” Anthony said on a grin. “Completely swamped and overturned.”

Jerrett nipped lightly at the back of Anthony’s neck and his oil slick fingers teased between Anthony’s cheeks. He had already spent a considerable amount of time warming them both up before Sasha joined them, and he was less than exceedingly patient now. First one, and then two fingers slid inside his tight, warm channel, moving them in and out and twisting them around to loosen him up.

Anthony’s cock twitched and his eyes crossed. Hard to concentrate on anything with that going on behind him and inside him. He bit down on his bottom lip, the slight pain helping him focus, and took a firm hold of Sasha’s erection while he added another finger and then another to his plundering of Sasha’s entrance.

He knew their little Sasha well. A decisive, resolute assault would edge him up much faster than a gentle approach. As if to prove him right, Sasha moaned and arched, his beautiful body going through undulations as graceful as any willow as he silently begged for more.

Watching Sasha squirming and Anthony trying to simultaneously hurry and hold himself in check was getting Jerrett really hot. He wanted them both right now, at the same time, his beautiful lovers. Anthony’s healing leg prevented him from being as aggressive with him as he might have been, and each time he had to remind himself to be careful and rein himself in added to the growing backlog of passion that brewed under the surface like a fine wine waiting to be aged just perfectly. He could almost feel sorry for when Anthony was finally completely healed and pain free. He was going to have to be wary of sudden attacks from pouncing panthers.

The thought made him smile, his lips curving and tickling where he nuzzled behind Anthony’s ear. Withdrawing his fingers from him, he pressed the head of his very erect cock at his entrance and pushed, he teeth sinking lightly into the muscle of his shoulder as he groaned heavily at the pleasure squeezing him.

“Oh…sweet, holy…” Anthony panted as that thick member penetrated him. Always took a moment to accommodate Jerrett, though the feeling of being stretched like that was incredible. He put a finger under Sasha’s chin to lift his face. “Turn around for me, sweet thistle pie.”

Jerrett pushed in a little farther, not rushing but insistent, and Anthony knew he’d better keep up. He let out a desperate moan when Sasha pressed his butt up against his cock and Jerrett pulled out and thrust in harder at the same moment. He could die from an overdose of pleasure, he was sure of it.

With a shift and Sasha’s able assistance, he lined himself up and gasped hard as the head of his aching erection popped past Sasha’s heavenly tight ring.

Jerrett slid his hand down the back of Anthony’s thigh and lifted his leg. He knew exactly what would hurt Anthony and what would not, and as long as the leg was supported he would be fine like this. He eased him forward just so his slightly bent knee rested on Sasha’s hip, and spread Anthony a bit. Jerrett’s pace picked up and he drove into him deeper, thrusting hard as his hands roamed over Anthony’s body, pinching and tweaking his erect little nipples.

In response, Anthony yanked Sasha close, impaling him hard enough to pull a little cry from him. Sasha relished the bit of pain, though, writhing in Anthony’s tight grip and shoving back even harder. Impaled and clutched tight, he wasn’t in a position to move too much without hurting something, so he opted for letting the two bodies surrounding his ride him like a rodeo bull.

“Ohgods…yes…sir, you feel so incredible,” he gasped out as Jerrett’s teeth closed harder on his shoulder. “That great big spear…damnohdamn…harder, sir, please, please…”

Jerrett’s body curled around Anthony’s, his hips thrusting harder into his tight heat. He was going to leave teeth marks on the boy but he didn’t care, he felt so damn good. His breath was hot across Anthony’s skin as he panted. “mmm…baby…you feel so good.” He sucked hard on the tender skin of Anthony’s neck just below his new collar, a low growl rising in his throat as the pressure became unbearable and he pistoned in and out his body in hard driving thrusts. When the dam finally burst Jerrett saw stars behind his eyes with the intensity of it, his pulsing cock buried deep within Anthony’s body as he came.

The teeth, the strong arms clutching him tight, the hard body slamming into his, Anthony had an odd moment right as his balls drew up tight where he thought there truly was a panther at his back, a sleek, powerful, sexy panther.

“GodsohgodsohsirI’myoursI’myours!” he cried out as Sasha’s channel tightened around him and his body reacted in an extremity of ecstasy, bucking and jerking between his partners as he came.

Jerrett rode his bucking body until he slowed and then stilled, kissing and nuzzling the bite marks on his neck almost as if in apology. He was in no hurry to move and lay with his arm wrapped comfortably around him, a sleepy contented look on his handsome face. “Yes, mine. Don’t you forget it.” He rumbled, a little smile curling his lips.

With his breathing slowed enough to allow a soft sigh, Anthony pulled Sasha closer and snuggled contentedly against the hard body behind him. “No, sir,” he said on a little chuckle. “Not on your life.”

Kind of hard to forget a thing like that with a rock the size of Gibraltar nestled at his throat. “Tap your heels three times,” he murmured sleepily. “I must have found those ruby slippers.”

Sasha turned his head to kiss him with a little laugh. “What in the world are you babbling about?”

Anthony gave him a wink and a soft smile. “I’m home. And there’s no place like it.”

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